Friday, May 23, 2008

Backdoor blessings from Boss Daley

The following story is absolutely nauseating, even by the incredibly low standards of the hypocritical political cesspool that is Chicago, Illinois.

Mayor-For-Life Emperor King Richard Daley, who is rabidly anti-gun (except for his own personal army of cop bodyguards, of course) has signed on to a hare-brained scheme to allow a one-time, one-month-long amnesty for city residents who allowed their gun registrations to lapse, and who attempted unsuccessfully to re-register them between May 1, 2007 through April 1, 2008. These certain people would now be given said month to accomplish re-registration, without any penalties.

You see, in socialist, authoritarian Chicago, lawful gun owners must re-register their firearms each year. Should they miss their renewal date even once, or have their paperwork date be off by a single day, their guns become permanently illegal, with no way to renew their paperwork. Ever.

Except for this one-time exception that's now been proposed, of course. Doesn't it sound suspiciously narrow and specific? Well, that's because the alderman that brought up the idea in the first place, Richard Mell, D-umbass, has unfortunately allowed his gun registrations to lapse, and he had attempted to re-register them in the time period covered by the proposed window:

"A former hunter, Mell is proposing a one-month amnesty after he forgot to re-register his arsenal of shotguns, rifles and pistols as required every year by the ordinance he helped to pass." (Emphasis mine)

Idiot. It's always fun to see lawmakers brought to heel by their own freakish creations. Alderman Mell must be quite worked up over being caught up in one of his own asinine laws. Doesn't everyone know that he only meant it to apply to the peasantry, and not to the Lords of the Council?

The proposed amnesty would only be for those who tried to re-register during that one-year period. Did you try to re-register at any other time, ever? Tough luck. Didn't even bother to attempt to re-register during the time period listed, because you knew that your application would be rejected out of hand, and that the only result from the attempt would be the jack-booted thugs quickly showing up at your door to confiscate your firearms? Too bad. Are you a retired police officer who wishes to move to Chicago and register a firearm, in order to be able to take advantage of a Federal law allowing such people to carry concealed in all 50 states (Another "special people " law that we'll discuss sometime later)? You wish.

It seems that just about the only person citywide who would be able to accomplish the task would be - surprise! - Alderman Richard Mell, which is probably the reason Boss Daley is allowing the scheme to even be discussed. I wonder what the good mayor is going to get in return for putting his blessing on this transparent fraud of an "amnesty"?

"'Whether he knows it or not, the mayor, by this agreement [to endorse a temporary gun amnesty] is establishing a double standard. One for members of the City Council, the other for everybody else.'"

Oh, he knows, all right. He just doesn't care. Let the peasants eat cake, and so forth. What's he going to do, lose his job? He only needs to keep his minions in the City Council happy, and he can keep doing whatever he wants, with no repercussions.

"'If they're looking to find out how many guns are in the city, leave it open. Why set a window on it? Do it for everyone who has an existing gun,' Donahue said."

But, but, that would allow ordinary citizens to enjoy the same favor that Alderman Mell is getting. We can't have that, not in your city, eh, Mayor?

I would rather live out my days in a cardboard box under a bridge then endure a single hour under the rule of Boss Daley, even if that hour was to be spent in a Michigan Avenue penthouse with champagne and Alyssa Milano.

Many thanks to Bruce Krafft at the Twin Cities Carry Forum for the heads-up and the link to the story.

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