Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Controlling one's life, even after death

The good burghers in the New Hampshire statehouse have decided to ban resomation, an innovative new method of preparing deceased people for burial, because the "squeamish" lawmakers aren't comfortable with the "ghoulish" process.

Live Free or Die, indeed.

Is the process safe? Yes. Is it harmful to the environment? No. Actually, it's far cleaner than cremation. Has anyone had a negative experience with resomation, or has the state had any complaints about the process? Nope and nope. The Overlords of All Things New Hampshire have decided out of the blue to ban resomation because it's, well, icky. As opposed to other methods of body preparation, of course, all of which are done right out in the front of the funeral home for everyone to see and admire.

"'Very few have a stomach for the process because it is a little ghoulish,' said Sen. Betsi DeVries, D-Manchester."

No one's asking you to do it for a living, or have the process done to you or your family, ma'am. Some people simply want another reasonable option for preparing loved ones for their final rest. An option that you and your cohorts have just made illegal for no reason at all.

"'New Hampshire, even though we have a high cremation rate, tends to be very traditional,' Phaneuf said.

Because your lawmakers won't let their peasants even consider trying something new.

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