Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mayor of Abovethelawville

Guadalupe, Arizona Mayor Rebecca Jimenez is no fan of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. She has clashed with him in the past, criticizing him publicly for running successful immigration sweeps in her city, which consist of deputies pulling over motorists for traffic violations, and then checking their immigration and warrant status during the stop.

Incredibly, Mayor Jimenez has decided that Arpaio is retaliating against her, all because a sheriff's deputy pulled her over last Tuesday and gave her a ticket for driving with a broken headlight.

During the stop, it was also found that Ms. Jimenez was driving without proof of registration or proof of insurance in the vehicle, so she was cited for those violations as well.

You or I would get the exact same tickets had we been guilty of the same infractions, so I'm not clear how Ms Jimenez equates her getting a citation with "retaliation", especially since she knew that she was in the wrong:

"Jimenez told the deputy that she was just moving the car and knew she forgot to put proof of insurance and registration in the car, but she had to get it home somehow, according to the deputy."

You takes your chances, just like the peasants that you rule, Ms. Mayor. You just got unlucky enough to be on the same street as a law-enforcement officer when you decided to move your heap to another location. How can that possibly be related to your official stance on the department? Did the deputies break the headlight when you weren't looking, or nick your documents out of your glove compartment?

As if that weren't bad enough, it turns out that the mayor decided to throw her weight around a little during the stop:

"As the deputy was explaining the ticket to Jimenez, she told him, 'I'll just have to go to Judge Melton and take care of it. I don't need you to explain it,' according to the report."

Only the peasants pay fines, you know. Mayors don't have to follow the same laws that they impose on their subjects. It's great to know people, like judges, for instance.

"Jimenez refused to sign the citation"

Another apparent little bonus of being the mayor, since signing a ticket is in lieu of arrest, and you or I would be hauled down to the station and booked (or worse) had we declined to sign the paperwork.

Just pay your tickets and take your medicine, Mayor. Your actions only make your arguments in favor of illegal immigration even sillier, as they now show that you don't care about following any laws that you don't agree with, even though you're sworn to uphold them.

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