Friday, May 30, 2008

They're out of luck

The Texas Child Protective Services Department, that is, after the Texas Supreme Court ruled that they indeed went way over the line in confiscating over 400 children from a ranch there, due to a single phone call that now seems to be a hoax.

I abhor polygamy and forcing children into marriage and sexual relationships just as much as any other reasonable person, and those participating in such illegal activities should be prosecuted fully, but get some evidence before you unleash the stormtroopers, people.

"Texas officials claimed at one point that there were 31 teenage girls at the ranch who were pregnant or had been pregnant, but later conceded that about half of those mothers, if not more, were adults. One was 27."

Good luck ever getting someone in this case prosecuted successfully now, after the PR debacle that this has turned into. At least no one died this time, a la Waco or Ruby Ridge.

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