Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting "real"

Published idiocy:

It's about time we get real about gun control in our cities. If we can have sobriety checkpoints and now motorcycle checkpoints, why don't we have cops creating gun checkpoints? Have them create checkpoints in the city where the gun violence is running rampant.

Give the cops metal detectors and make people stop and get checked for guns. They are illegal and they are a lot worse than drunken drivers, and motorcyclists without the correct credentials. Let's get real here and start doing something about all these guns on our streets.

If it's legal to stop people driving a car down the street to see if they are drunk, why isn't it legal to stop people walking down the street to see if they have a gun? I'm sick of reading in the newspaper day after day about the gun violence and everyone is up in arms about stopping it.
What is really being done -- a few protests where everyone is saying they want them off the streets, yet it's their families out there with them shooting up the streets like it's the Wild West.

Let's get real. Start stopping people and let's find out who is carrying guns and get them off our streets.


Sure, let's have checkpoints everywhere, and stop and search every citizen for everything - porn, weapons, boogers on their handkerchiefs, whatever you can dream up. In fact, why stop at the Fourth Amendment? Let's get rid of the First Amendment as well, so that we can lock up people for writing stupid letters to the editor like this one.

I'll tell you what, Mr. Arras - you submit to the searches first.

By the way, guns aren't illegal. Unconsitutional searches, on the other hand, are.

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