Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is your Senate

Senator Kent Conrad, D-ND, after being caught with his hand in Countrywide Mortgage's cookie jar:

"Conrad has said that he'd personally called Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo to inquire about obtaining a mortgage, but did not expect or notice any special treatment."

You mean the standard protocol for getting a home loan doesn't involve calling the head of the entire company, watching him jump when I mention just who I am, and then not reading the paperwork he subsequently sent me that detailed the wonderful interest rate I scored? Was that wrong?

Way to be down with the peasants, Kent. I'm sure the good farmers in North Dakota will understand.

Senator Christopher Dodd, D-CT, also took time out from making "waitress sandwiches" with his good buddy Ted Kennedy to pipe up and deny getting any special favors of his own from Countrywide:

"At the same time, he said today that he'd been told in 2003 he'd been designated a V.I.P. account. He never asked what that meant, he said, but assumed it was a normal status bestowed on Countrywide customers who had an additional mortgage with the company."

Showing excellent judgment by not inquiring about such status, because, well, who cares? It's not like there's a conflict of interest or something to watch out for.

These are but two of the dolts who are running our country (into the ground), and who now want to take over and nationalize the oil industry, because with their vast financial experience, they'll do a much better job. See above for part of their resume.

Vote them all out.

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