Monday, July 07, 2008

British food tastes pretty bad. Am I a racist for saying that?

Some idiotic British government-sponsored organization, The National Children's Bureau, has come out with a few (more than a few, actually) guidelines for parents, one of which states that it's racist for one's toddler to say that "flavorful foreign food" tastes "yucky", and cautions them about correcting this dangerous situation posthaste.

That little hint is only one of the recommendations in the 366 page manual that the bureau has produced in order to scare moms and dads into recognizing the budding Hitler in their midst, and presumably to show them how to indoctrinate their precious little snowflakes into never judging anything on its own merits or developing one's own likes and dislikes, and force the kids to unquestioningly accept any kind of behavior or custom as A-OK.

The parents also apparently have to ignore their kids for some hours in order to pore through that huge book, as well.

"The bureau says to be aware of children who 'react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying yuck.'"

How do the bureaucrats know that the cook didn't fudge the recipe, and that the food really doesn't taste good?

Meanwhile, the good subjects of England get desensitized to actual racism by all the cries of wolf contained in this tome, and the once-proud nation of Great Britain dies just a little bit more.

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Anonymous said...

How about Eww? or blah? or even nasty? Could they maybe use those descriptive words?