Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Jack-Booted Thug of the Week, Bonus Edition... New York State Trooper Lester Hooper, who wrote five phony traffic tickets to one man earlier this year, without ever having pulled over the driver for the supposed violations.

The trooper is alleged to have gotten on the prod after a parking lot altercation with the targeted driver in Brooklyn. It appears that the hapless motorist simply didn't vacate his parking spot fast enough for the cop, who was probably in a hurry to get his boots shined or something.

"Perry [The driver -ed.] said Hooper was mad over an incident in which Perry didn't pull his truck out of a spot fast enough for the impatient cop waiting to park."

Much like the nobility in days past would have had the peasants whipped because they didn't get their hay-carts out of the way of the royal coach fast enough to suit the good duke, I imagine. How dare they impede the important business of the "special people".

"Hooper, a three-year State Police veteran based in Tarrytown with the task of patrolling Interstates 87, 95 and 287, has been suspended without pay."

When they take away the pay, that means they're serious about firing you. I guess it's back to Fed-Ex for the good officer, as that's where the story reports he used to work before joining the force.

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