Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stretching the definition of "appropriate"

The British government has come up with some new goals for a national police response time for crime victims who call 999 (their equivalent to 911 in this country), and they're mighty impressive, I must say:

"Under a section on national standards, it says the police must 'respond appropriately' to incidents. This includes telling crime victims when an officer will turn up.
The document says the target should be 'within three hours if it requires policing intervention, or
three days if there is less immediate need for a police presence'." (Emphases mine)

Criminals and thugs in England, already aware that their potential targets are officially denied any means of self-defense or the ability to fight back without penalty, must be salivating at the prospect of having hours or even days to rob and assault their victims, without worrying about the pesky "authorities" showing up to ruin their fun.

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