Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't annoy the commissars, they have important work to do

David Codrea, a prominent gun-rights activist, has written about the infuriating story of Gabriel Razzano, an anti-illegal immigration activist who has the bad luck to live in rabidly anti-gun Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's Long Island Congressional district.

When Razzano showed up at her district office to politely discuss his concerns with the representative and her staff (which he had apparently done cordially and successfully in the past with some of her former employees), the current workers informed him (incorrectly) that he was not a constituent of McCarthy's. When he returned with Board of Elections proof that he did in fact live in her district, the police were called and he was escorted from the building.

Not being content with tossing one of her subjects because he wished to discuss something of importance to him with her, McCarthy subsequently sicced the local police on Razzano. (Unbelievably, she then "denied doing so until ordered by a magistrate to produce the name of the staffer who did this".)

The local chief, apparently eager to please McCarthy and acting on his own "authority" and not according to the law, confiscated Razzano's legally owned firearms and sent him a letter revoking his pistol license, stating that he was “'obsessed with the day laborer situation' and offered his unqualified opinion that Razzano’s actions had raised 'concerns' over his 'suitability' to have a license.'"

"The letter made no mention of the 911 call, and in fact, a judge had to order McCarthy’s office to identify the employee who had called 911—after McCarthy had denied any involvement."

Of course, under New York law, without that pistol license Razzano is unable to reacquire possession of his firearms. Neat, huh?

Razzano's First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights were all flushed down the toilet, simply because Representative McCarthy didn't feel like lowering herself to speak to one of her subjects about immigration.

Codrea reports that Razzano has filed a Federal lawsuit demanding return of his illegally confiscated property. We wish him luck.

Here's a YouTube clip of Tucker Carlson of MSNBC surgically proving that Rep. McCarthy is merely a tool of the Brady Campaign crowd, and that she has no knowledge at all of the legislation that she wishes to impose on the peasants.

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