Sunday, August 31, 2008

Exercises in futility

On Thursday night I attended a rock concert featuring some of my favorite bands. On Friday evening I went to an Arizona Cardinals preseason game with my wife.

On both occasions, I was forced to wait in line for a "security" screening. In each case, the screenings involved the guards in question having me hold my arms out to the side and subsequently lightly patting my bare forearms (?) and the upper sides of my torso, as well as my front pockets, in a completely cursory examination. My wife also had to open her purse at the football game, and her screener merely peered into the top of it and passed her through.

I had disarmed before entering both venues in order to comply with Arizona law, which forbids handgun carry in locations where alcohol is sold by the drink, regardless of whether one is actually consuming liquor (I didn't). If I had been so inclined (read: a criminal), I would not have had any reason to worry about sneaking in a weapon, because both screeners completely missed the rather large holster that was still on my belt, and so would have missed the full-size handgun as well, had it still been in there.

So there you have it - the law-abiding citizen is disarmed and a sitting duck for any assailant who wishes to do them harm in the venue itself, or on the rather long walk to and from the parking lots. The very same criminal, however, could smuggle a firearm (or worse) inside either location without going to very much trouble at all.

What is wrong with this picture?

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