Friday, August 22, 2008

How's that protection policy working, Mayor Newsom?

It works great, if one is a juvenile illegal immigrant thug, that is.

Another poor, misguided youth who was protected by San Francisco's "sanctuary city" policies and not deported despite two previous felony assault convictions has been arrested yet again, this time for stabbing someone in the abdomen "like you gut a pig". The victim seems to have been innocently waiting for a ride when he was misidentified as a rival gang member and savagely assaulted.

The charming felon then allegedly wrote a letter from jail to an accomplice, providing "the name and address of the victim and suggesting that the friend 'take care of things'".

Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun's prior criminal history is very similar to that of Edwin Ramos, an alleged triple murderer and fellow gang-banging beneficiary of Frisco's insane criminal-coddling policies whose criminal history we profiled here recently. Both gentlemen mistakenly assaulted innocent people who were suspected of being in rival gangs, and both subsequently benefited from not being turned over to ICE for deportation, to the detriment of the latest victims of their crime sprees.

Nathan Ballard, a flack for Mayor Gavin Newsom, stuttered like Porky Pig when trying to explain his city's official policy of hiding animals like Ramos and Uc-Cahun from their date with federal immigration:

"'These are complex questions,' Ballard said."

Yessir, it's quite brow-furrowingly complex to figure out the idea that illegal immigrant felons, regardless of their age, shouldn't be released back on the street with no consequences for their actions whatsoever.

San Francisco will probably need several focus groups and costly blue-ribbon commissions to puzzle out the solution to this issue. Meanwhile, the good (and officially disarmed) peasants of that city will be subject to the tender ministrations of graduates of the city government's Gangbanger Protection Program.

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