Sunday, August 03, 2008

ICE can't win

Illegal immigrant activists have for months been decrying the Federal government's recent successful raids of workplace sites and homes, which have resulted in the arrests of thousands of undocumented people. The apologists claim that nabbing the illegal residents out of the blue without warning is abusive and traumatic to them and their families.

In response to the criticism, ICE has attempted to respond to the concerns of the illegals' supporters, and to that end begins an experimental program on Tuesday in which illegal immigrants with a final deportation order from a court will have an opportunity to show up in San Diego and four other cities and give themselves up. In return, they will be given up to 90 days to straighten out their personal affairs, and will receive financial help for transportation costs if needed.

The activists' prompt response is to mock and ridicule the program:

"'It is a complete exercise in futility,” said Lilia Velasquez, an immigration attorney in San Diego. 'What person in their right mind who has been hiding from the government is going to come out of the shadows and deliver themselves on a silver platter?'"

One who faces significant jail time for skipping out on a court order, I would imagine, just like any other peasant who does likewise.

Remember, the illegals targeted for this action have already been specifically ordered to leave by a U.S. court, and are additionally guilty of contempt of court for not complying.

I'm not a huge fan of the Federal government, to say the least, but in this situation it sounds like they really tried to come up with a humane and reasonable solution. I guess it's back to the worksite and home raids. They seemed to be getting the most successful results.

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