Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Off topic but interesting, at least to me

I was sitting in the local Nissan dealership's service department this morning while they aligned my wife's car and swapped the battery (apparently they only last about 2 years here. I must remember to save my receipt for proration purposes).

While I was waiting, a very nice older gentleman sat next to me and started working the crossword. A few minutes later, the service manager came over and asked him if the glovebox key was different from the ignition key, and if so they needed the get that key from him in order to access the cabin air filter through said glovebox. The customer handed over the proper key and said "Please be careful. The pistol in there is hot". The service manager, not batting an eye, said "Thanks for the warning, we'll be careful".

You gotta love enlightened Arizona.

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