Monday, August 04, 2008

Unclear on the concept of "representation"

An Oklahoma state representative named Paul Wesselhoft wishes to pass a law making it illegal to be in a gang, even though the First Amendment specifically protects freedom of association. Wesselhoft also apparently doesn't think his proposed ordinance will hold up in court, but he's going to try just the same, for some unknown reason. A police detective named Tim Hock in Oklahoma City who should know better disturbingly agrees with Wesselhoft. The pair just can't seem to see what's wrong with denying their subjects their Constitutional rights, even for a noble goal like crime reduction.

You know, the Red Hat Ladies could conceivably be considered a gang, (check out their cool "colors") using the same criteria for classifying the Crips and Bloods as ones. The only difference is that the "ladies of a certain age" haven't yet committed crimes, save for being loud and annoyingly demanding at restaurant lunches across the country.

"The Moore Republican says he realizes such a law might not pass constitutional muster, but says he plans to pursue it anyway."

Wesselhoft has yet to understand that he's in office in order to serve his constituents, not to waste their tax dollars in an doomed attempt to stifle their freedom.

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