Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why not a real weapon?

Some doofus company is conducting a training program that teaches college professors and students how to fight back at classroom shooters using "improvised" weapons such as backpacks and laptops.

Now, maybe I'm biased here, but wouldn't real weapons in the hands of trained citizens work one heck of a lot better than just slinging your belongings at the perp?

"The center's roster includes retired FBI agents and others with federal law enforcement experience."

Ah, there's the old "we're the only ones professional enough to handle firearms" bias rearing its ugly head yet again. I wonder if ol' Lee Paige himself is on the training staff?

"'It's a really basic thing,' Bowdish said. 'We have drills for fires and tornadoes. This is just another tool for the toolbox.'"

And just like carpentry, the right tool for the job can make all the difference in one's success.


ree said...

Well, to be fair to the doofus company, it's a lot more profitable to sell the training to the many schools that might accept the notion of improvised weapons than wait for the very few schools that allow armed teachers to come looking for firearms trainers.

Bike Bubba said...

You know, with all the problems with date rape and such on campus, one wonders why universities (and maybe high schools) don't make a point of arming professors, teachers, and even coeds with at least pepper spray. I'd much rather face a blinded assailant than a seeing one, after all.

Douglas Hester said...


Oh, there's no doubt that the company is going to make barrels of money. My "doofus" comment was directed more towards the fact that these ex-cops know darn well that these methods are useless against a determined shooter, and that "bringing a gun to a gunfight" is the option that makes most sense.