Sunday, October 12, 2008

This isn't going to end well

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting today that 36 percent of the police officers in the last two graduating classes of the Atlanta Police Department have criminal records for offenses, some as serious as assault, and that the same percentage of graduates had already been rejected by other departments, some multiple times, before being hired by the Atlanta PD.

We're not trying to be too judgmental here, as a significant portion of good people have some minor black marks on their "permanent record" as a result of simply being young and impetuous, but having this many people with violent offenses in their background is just asking for legal trouble down the road, when these bottom-of-the-barrelers begin combining their penchant of getting into hot water with the frighteningly broad police powers that officers are given today.

"Three officers’ rejections stemmed from failing the psychiatric or psychological portion of police agencies’ screening processes. Others were turned away because they failed lie-detector tests or offered conflicting statements about issues such as drug use."

Yep, they're really recruiting the cream of the crop down there these days. There's no worry about anyone getting turned away from the APD for being too smart, that's for sure. The newspaper would be doing the Georgia public a great service if they were to keep track of how much taxpayer money Atlanta ends up doling out to citizens who end up being abused or whose rights are violated by these cops.

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Anonymous said...

Are you race baiting with the use of the terms "black marks?" Perhaps you should use "African-American marks," or "blemishes."

Kidding aside, Denver in the 90s had a program that had white applicants needing to get an 85% score on the academy exams, but minorities only needing to get a 70%. I ask all, if your wife and kids are being held hostage in your home, do you want a cop who got an 85% score on his exam, or a cop who got a 70%, to show up at your house? This is just affirmative action out of control, to say the least.