Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No lines for me

Just finished voting. No line to wait in, fortunately. My precinct seems to be of the sleepy variety, with most people voting in the early morning before work.

Anyone else have a different experience?

By the way, here's two stories that just came over the wire that vividly demonstrate the adherence of the "tolerance and diversity" crowd to their espoused views:

Professor Phil Busse of liberal bastion St. Olaf College in Northfield has resigned after being caught bragging on the Huffington Post about tearing down McCain campaign signs. He has also been charged criminally with misdemeanor theft.

What a great example for your students, sir. Adios.

Police in Philadelphia have bounced two Black Panthers, one armed with a nightstick, who were attempting to intimidate voters at a polling place this morning. One witness reports that one of the "gentlemen" told the poll workers not to come outside, and that "A black man is going to win this election, no matter what".

Here's the Fox News video of the story:

Banana-republic politics at its finest.

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