Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another stop on the wasted-money train

A Federal judge has upheld (for now) Chicago's unconstitutional complete ban on handguns on a technicality, although even he sees the (wastefully expensive, for the taxpayers) end coming sooner or later:

"'This court should not be misunderstood as either rejecting or endorsing the logic of plaintiff's argument. It may well carry the day before a court that is unconstrained by the obligation to follow the unreversed precedent of a court that occupies a higher position in the judicial firmament,' the decision stated."

Meaning: The Supreme Court is eventually going to slap Chicago's leaders down over this, but not before the city blows countless thousands of hard-earned peasant dollars on an ultimately certain losing argument.

Laughably, King-Emperor-Mayor-for-Life Richard Daley seems to have gotten some ideas from D.C. on how to impose even more restrictions on his subjects:

"A federal judge today upheld Chicago’s 1982 handgun ban as Mayor Daley disclosed plans to strengthen it by following Washington D.C.’s lead."

Ummm, Mr. Mayor? How do you strengthen a complete ban? Forbidding imaginary firearms as well? Confiscating Super Soakers? Please enlighten us.

In other news, after a busy weekend by the thugs and criminals in that town, The Windy City is 3 killings away from a mind-boggling 500 murders being committed there in 2008. Yep, banning law-abiding citizens from possessing and carrying firearms for personal defense is really helping that shameful crime rate, Mr. Daley.

Just keep on doing those same old provably ineffective things while expecting different results. That's great leadership for you.

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