Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's definitely time for some new blood

The news on the radio is reporting that both Senators Kennedy and Byrd have been removed from a lunch on stretchers, Kennedy due to convulsions and Byrd because of being overcome with emotion for Kennedy's condition.

Is it too harsh to be concerned about the fact that a significant percentage of our government is made up of old and sick individuals who should not be working at any job at this stage of their lives, yet they continue to cling to power with every ounce of strength their withered claws can muster?

(And no, this argument isn't ideological. I thought it was an absolute travesty how everyone pretended that Senator Thurmond still retained the cognitive ability to serve in that body, despite abundant evidence to the contrary. The recently-convicted Senator Stevens also appeared well on his way to senility. I'm also begining to feel the same way about Justice Stevens that I felt at one time about Justices Rhenquist and Marshall, that his clerks appear to be performing all of his duties, not Stevens himself.)

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