Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please don't be a hoax

Via Mitch, the video tale of two presumably Canadian and definitely stupid bullies, eh, in a pickup who decide to pick on another motorist, and then get quite the surprise (at around 4:30):

To paraphrase Chris Rock, I don't recommend breaking the law, but I understand. (Being as how Canada forbids the carrying of firearms for self-protection by the lowly peasants there, and the motorist didn't identify himself as a "special person", he was probably illegally carrying that pistol in his car. It did save him from an undeserved physical attack from those morons, though.)

In all seriousness, this piece of video shows just how useful a firearm can be in defending oneself against violent thugs, especially in a place where the police just aren't around.


Andrew said...

Not a hoax, but not real either.

Andrew said...

Whoops. Meant to say, it was created for entertainment purposes.

The most popular video of ours is the BMW car chase (aka Hicks vs. Yuppies). It seems to have made its way around the net...

This video was created one afternoon by four friends with nothing better to do. We weren't trying to accomplish anything except to make a home movie that might make people laugh. We wanted to create a short video that surprised the audience at the end.