Monday, February 23, 2009

"Comprehensive immigration reform" is rearing its ugly head again

The Messiah was a recent guest on a Chicago Spanish-language radio program hosted by a person named "El Pistolero". The host pressed Obama on his campaign promise to deliver "comprehensive immigration reform" (or "illegal alien amnesty", as we call it around here) in his first 90 days. Here's some tidbits from analysis of that interview, as reported by Univision:

"Well, here he clearly said that the possibility exists in the near future to be able to give citizenship to people without documents"

Without even the burden of having to go back to their home countries and apply for a visa, which would at least have been required under one provision of the failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. To sum up:

Step 1: Arrive here illegally

Step 2: ?

Step 3. Profit by being able to quickly and inexpensively become a citizen, even though they jumped the line and butted in front of the many thousands of people worldwide who are applying and waiting for immigration in a lawful and correct (not to mention polite) manner.

Obama was also asked on the program about stopping the deportation of illegals who arrive here and then immediately have "anchor babies" in a desperate attempt to justify their staying here. Here's Univision's analysis of that:

"but he said stopping the separation of families will definitely be considered"

No, what Obama actually said was "Let's evaluate the laws that are working, the laws that are not working". The law requiring the deportation of people here illegally is working very well, so I don't know how Univision arrived at that conclusion. The illegal immigrants involved made a conscious choice to have those children while fully knowing that their legal status would certainly cause just such a predicament if they were caught. A cynic would postulate that the pregnancies were most likely deliberate, in order to use those children as tools to generate sympathy and hopefully a stay of that possible deportation.

"El Pistolero" also asked Obama about the proposal these newly minted legal residents be able to bring their extended families over once they have that status, and here's Univision's take on that:

"he said that we could also consider reductions in the fees for documents in the legalization process and also for bringing family members to the United States from Mexico or other countries"

I thought the U.S. was flat broke? If that's the case, why should immigration fees be reduced, while the costs for everything else are raised across the board? In terms of bringing families over, remember that this proposal is inclusive of all of a given immigrant's family, not just their nuclear one. Uncles, cousins, relatives by marriage, etc., are all to be given the green light to come here, with no set limit per immigrant. Can you imagine each new legal resident bringing double-digit numbers of other immigrants to this country with no means of support, and the chaos that would undoubtedly ensue?

In a related development, here's the latest fine fellow who only wants to be here in order to work hard and make a better life for himself:

Adrian Gonzalez Cruz, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is currently at large after escaping from Maricopa County Superior Court last Tuesday, where he was on trial for kidnapping, sexual assault and sexual contact with a minor against two women, one who was under 15 years old. Cruz was already serving a life sentence for another case, in which he raped and impregnated a nine-year-old girl.

Most illegal immigrants are quiet, hard-working people whose misguided choice to break the law is their only contact with American law enforcement. Unfortunately, the same lax policies that allowed millions of these otherwise law-abiding people to come here also made it possible for this monster to enter our country and then commit unspeakable crimes against our citizens. For this reason, we must redouble our efforts to strictly and fairly enforce our immigration laws in order to maintain better control of who is allowed to arrive on our shores and stay, and particularly to keep thugs like Cruz out.

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