Thursday, February 19, 2009

He's getting at least a couple of things right

In the interests of fairness, here's two items which the Obama Administration is seemingly handling correctly:

1. A White House spokesman has definitively put on the record that Obama does not wish to have the "Fairness" Doctrine reinstated:

"As the president stated during the campaign, he does not believe the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated," White House spokesman Ben LaBolt told"

This is welcome news, as previous statements by Obama's people had been wishy-washy at best, and seemed to endorse the recent pro-doctrine movement championed by some liberal Democrats in Congress.

. Obama's Justice Department is (correctly, in our view) fighting an attempt to block the legally put-into-place rule that now allows the lawful concealed carrying of firearms in national parks, subject to the laws and restrictions of the state where the park is located:

"The three groups seeking to overturn the rule -- the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the National Parks Conservation Association and the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees -- have argued that the Bush administration violated several laws in issuing the rule, such as failing to conduct an adequate environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act. They also argue that the new policy could deter some visitors, such as school groups, from visiting national landmarks." (Emphasis mine)

Ludicrous arguments, which are to be expected from disingenuous groups such as the Brady Campaign, which uses hysteria and panic to obfuscate facts and reasonable arguments. How could carrying (and not discharging, save for a true emergency) a firearm possibly impact the environment in any way? It doesn't, of course, which is why this attempt to overturn the new rule will likely fail. Similarly, the Brady Campaign doesn't address the fact that their precious little snowflakes have traveled without incident for decades through portions of those states with the exact same rules for lawful firearm carry now in place in the parks to reach those supposedly "pristine" locations, which of course never have evildoers or potentially lethal wild animals in them to attack said snowflakes or other visitors to the areas.

We are heartened that the current Chief Executive has taken these positions, and are hopeful that he will also "see the light" on other issues of importance to us.

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Anonymous said...

Of course he doesn't endorse the fairness doctrine. If he did, MSNBC and CNN would have to offer opposing viewpoints. What would happen to some of his asinine cheerleaders?? Then again, if he did endorse it, it might create more jobs than that 1000 page pillow created - the fairness police force, right? ;)