Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's all becoming clearer

Here's a cool little summary of a story that perfectly illustrates the type of Chicago corruption that's now tainting our White House, courtesy of Second City Cop:

"Ok, let's just review some of Illinois pay-to-play history:
  • An individual we'll call "Michelle O" is hired by the U of C hospitals for a job so important, that when she leaves it, it sits vacant for a year and is cut from the budget in 2009. For this job, she gets over $100,000 to figure out how to increase minority outreach;
  • An individual we'll call "Barack O" is elected to the US Senate and gets a committee assignment that will allow him to direct a number of earmarks totaling over $1 million to the U of C hospitals for all sorts of stuff.
  • The U of C, in a completely voluntary sort of way, gives "Michelle O" a raise that triples her salary in a job that is so important, they eliminate it a year later.
  • "Barack O" moves on to a better job in charge of all sorts of cool stuff, including the people threatening to take away the U of C Medicare Certification."
And now the Messiah wishes to oversee health care for the entire country, ensuring that everyone will soon be on the receiving end of this sort of incompetent care.

Does anyone who voted for him have buyer's remorse yet?

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