Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Arizona's recent "gift" to the rest of America (you're welcome), Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, has decreed that the current tough economy, along with the election of the Messiah, has prompted a surge of "right-wing-extremism".

"DHS had no specific information about pending violence and said threats had so far been 'largely rhetorical.'"

Then how about getting back to us when you have something more to report than the normal grumbling and nonsense-spouting from the "usual suspects" such as the Nazi Party and the Klan, Ms. Napolitano? Those sorts of groups will preach their hate no matter what circumstances the country finds itself in, in case you hadn't noticed by now.

It's also quite interesting to note the timing of this so-called "warning", as it was released the day before thousands of law-abiding citizens who are mostly conservative in bent are expected to demonstrate in a nationwide modern-day Tea Party, in order to loudly and peaceably protest the trillions of our tax dollars currently being wasted and misspent by the Federal Government. Certainly nobody in the Executive Branch figured that something like this bogus "alert" might intimidate innocent people and possibly suppress turnout for the rallies, right?

"A similar assessment of left-wing radicals completed in January was distributed to federal, state and local police agencies at that time."

But was apparently not publicized at all, at least compared to the play today's little memo is getting. Funny how that seems to always happen along ideological lines.

After all, it wasn't conservatives who were attempting to burn down London at last month's G20 meetings, was it? We wonder if any of the groups responsible for the violence over there had been listed on January's "left-wing" memo, and why any such connection wasn't given publicity at that time.

Actually, given the reported overwhelming liberal bias of mainstream journalists, especially those covering government and political issues, we really aren't wondering much at all.

UPDATE: Roger Hedgecock interviewed Sean Smith, Assistant Secretary of DHS for Public Affairs, on his radio show today. Mr. Smith maintained with a straight face that a "left-wing extremist" report was indeed prepared in January, but refused to provide a copy for public consumption, unlike his boss did for their execrable "right-wing" version.

Stunningly, Mr. Smith, a high-ranking Homeland Security official in the Obama White House, admitted to Hedgecock that he has never heard of the murderous Salvadoran MS-13 street gang, an entity that represents a far greater threat to our country than conservative activists lawfully protesting the ever-increasing yoke of taxation, in our view.

Hedgecock finally did obtain a copy of the "left-wing extremist" memo from an anonymous source, and pointed out the fact that that report named specific groups, agendas and events, unlike today's report, which merely points the accusatory finger at everyone who holds traditionally conservative views.

Amusingly, the callers to Hedgecock's show during the past hour featured a number of street cops who are mystified that their finite departmental resources would be stretched even thinner to "investigate" participants in a lawful, peaceful protest, and to a person they ridiculed Mr. Smith for not having the slightest inkling of the existence of MS-13.

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