Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Farther down the Trail of Broken Promises

Another of the Messiah's critical voting blocs (gays, this time) are finally realizing that they, too, have outlived their usefulness to him, now that the Prize has been reached.

They have a valid point, despite our not really having a dog in this fight, save for a desire for everyone to have equal rights in this country (which includes not giving people special status over others through bogus "hate crimes" laws, by the way). Even a small gesture to gays and lesbians from Obama, such as immediately changing the "Don't ask, don't tell" military policy, which he could unilaterally do at a moment's notice with little or no political cost (and which he vowed would be one of his first acts once in office), would go a long way towards mollifying their constituency.

Yet the gay community continues to get bupkis, despite their tireless campaigning for him last fall.

We foresee a lot of people scraping off their "Change We Can Believe In" stickers from next to their rainbow flag ones on their Priuses in the near future.

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