Friday, May 08, 2009

The problem was higher-up than this

Louis Caldera, the political hack who approved last week's Manhattan Joyride of one of the planes that act as Air Force One, has been bounced from his job as the head of the White House Military Office.

The $350,000 publicity shot. Get your money's worth?

The heads shouldn't stop rolling with Caldera, however. Dana Perino, the White House spokeswoman under President George W. Bush, just stated on Fox News that the position had always been one filled by a career military officer in order to keep the job in the Pentagon chain of command, and that the Bush Administration strongly recommended that the Obama Administration keep it as such. That advice was promptly ignored, and the job given to a political appointee, which directly led to this debacle.

Whoever the higher-up was in Obama's gang that made the decision to keep the hated active military out of the White House "Military" Office should also be quickly relieved of their position.

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