Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Jack-Booted Thug of the Week...

... is Eugene, Oregon police officer Jim McBride, who roughed up and arrested a man named Mike Stinnette, who was doing nothing more than standing on a public sidewalk outside of a church handing out leaflets critical of the church's pastor.

The cowardly and unprofessional McBride, despite having a uniformed partner on the scene, also apparently needed a former colleague and off-duty current federal agent named Rob Hart to assist in collaring the "dangerous" Stinnette, who doesn't appear to be resisting in any way, judging from the video of the incident:

By the way, "Agent" Hart one way or the other needs to account for his own role in harassing Stinnette:

"Although federal officials say Hart — who was at the Eugene church to attend a service — acted as a private citizen at the time of Stinnette’s arrest, he subsequently wrote an investigative report detailing the incident on official Federal Protective Service letterhead."

Then he was not acting as a private citizen, and should be held accountable for his actions that day.

Stinnette may be some kind of kook. We don't care. He was perfectly within his rights to peacefully protest outside of that church, and "Officer" McBride along with "Agent" Hart most definitely blatantly violated those rights and wrongly took him into custody, without a shred of suspicion of criminal behavior to justify that course of action.

McBride will now be reprimanded for the incident, according to interim chief Pete Burns, and we hope it's a significant one, as McBride seems to be exhibiting a pattern of this kind of behavior:

"Twice last year, the civilian board concluded that McBride used excessive force while making an arrest."

Although the former chief went to bat for him on one of the occasions and the union stuck for him on the other, the result being that McBride has yet to be punished at all for his recent serial abuses of authority.

Hopefully this time will be different, and hopefully the Federal Protective Service won't forget about their own duties regarding "Agent" Hart and will properly discipline that thug as well.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I am able to make myself start respecting law enforcement again, one of them goes and fucks up like this. It's really pathetic.