Monday, June 01, 2009

No socialist cars for us, either

Hugh Hewitt ponders the sad fact that all of us taxpayers now own over 70% of Obama Motors, and exhorts us to "just say no" to a product produced by GM or Chrysler:

"Yes, [the government] can build amazing armies and the weapons and technologies to support them, but only at extraordinary cost and only with often dismaying waste. We pay these prices because we absolutely need the incredible effectiveness of our military that results from the enormous investment of resources. We also recognize the sacrificial spirit of the men and women in uniform who serve in the military. They aren't in it for their jobs or the health benefits.

But a government -run car company is a very unnecessary, indeed a deeply dismaying prospect. And not primarily because it won't make good cars at competitive prices, though almost certainly neither the new GM or the new Chrysler will do so. History tells us these ventures are highly unlikely to succeed."

We currently own two Chevrolet vehicles, one a 1970 classic and one a 2007 model bought new to replace a 2000 Tahoe also purchased new from a dealer, and are happy with both in terms of quality and value. Our long history of GM ownership ends with those, however.

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