Monday, October 05, 2009

British Nanny State - style insanity is inexorably making its way to Canada

Canadian "Justice" Minister Rob Nicholson is pushing the idea of changing the law to allow the Junior Nanny State police up there to be able to force motorists to submit to Breathalyzer tests whenever and wherever the cops feel like it, all without one scintilla of evidence of a driver being impaired in any way, shape or form:

"If random testing were to be adopted, it would be a major change to Canada's 40-year-old breathalyzer legislation, which stipulates that police may only administer a test if they suspect a driver has been drinking." (Emphasis mine)

Yes, we suppose it would indeed represent quite the deviation from the established norm. Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious.

"[MADD chief executive Andrew] Murie said the change would allow police at roadblocks to conduct about three times as many breathalyzer tests because they would not need to spend time determining whether there is 'reasonable' suspicion a driver has been drinking."

If those pesky civil liberties just keep getting in the way of efficiency, Mr. Nicholson, here's an idea - why not just go ahead and dump all of them at the same time? That way the jackbooted minions under your control could really get some police work accomplished, all without anyone having to fret about any of those silly (and quite unnecessary, really, when one thinks about it) arguments about "rights" and "freedoms" mucking up the system.

What's next - allowing Canadian cops to randomly search houses and people on the street for whatever reason the "authorities" decide to come up with? That would follow the exact same logic as the above proposal, and such a policy certainly would snare more persons who engage in illegal activities, which is the only part of "Justice" that Minister Nicholson seems to care about.

Talk about a one-sided scale.

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Deer Park Toronto said...

Yeah, the police would be allowed to make the motorists submit to Breathalyzer tests anytime, but would they indeed do it? Maybe not much would change anyway. But I get your point.