Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hear, hear

Online friend Scott Jordan eloquently sums up just how far down the rabbit hole of madness our country has fallen in just ten short months:

"General Motors and Chrysler are under Federal control, their assets summarily clipped from their bondholders' contracts and gifted to the unions by the politicians.

The banking industry has largely been federalized, salaries dictated by an all-powerful political czar.

Ditto the mortgage industry and soon the health-care industry. A crazy scheme to force lenders to give trillions in doomed mortgages to deadbeats precipitates an enormous global financial cataclysm, yet the perpetrators got promoted by voters left uninformed by a misfeasant media.

The national debt has been tripled in less than nine months.

The Administration has declared a vendetta on the solitary dissenting news organization and has stooped so far as to target and attack private individuals whose public expressions are inconvenient.

Government buyouts of media outlets are discussed out loud.

A Gulliver's netting of community organizers will shortly control the broadcast industry, stealthily instituting "fairness" by eliminating opposition.

The White House set up a Stasi-inspired snitch program for citizens to report on each other.

Little schoolkids sing hymns to their Dear Leader here in America.

A cold-eyed president runs out the clock on our troops' struggle to salvage Afghanistan even as he flicks our allies away like unwelcome beetles on his sleeve. He bows to the Saudi king and envelops the genocidal mullahs with words as they race to develop an atomic bomb."

As Scott also notes, who knew ten years ago that we'd be fervently wishing for the by-comparison "good old days" of a sleazy horndog Southern politician and his petty power-hungry wife in the White House?

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Bike Bubba said...

Technically, he tripled the deficit, not the debt--he's only added about 20% ("only") in the eight months he's infected the office.

I mean "inhabited." Or something.