Monday, October 19, 2009

It's good to be the ones in charge

"The National Health Service has spent £1.5m paying for hundreds of its staff to have private health treatment so they can leapfrog their own waiting lists.

More than 3,000 staff, including doctors and nurses, have gone private at the taxpayers’ expense in the past three years because the queues at the clinics and hospitals where they work are too long."

But it's perfectly OK for these same lucky British staffers to keep the regular peasants waiting months to get assistance for their health care issues, as commenter to the story Michael Palmer anecdotally explains:

"What I do take issue with, however, is a health service that made me wait 12 weeks to get to see a NHS Consultant and a further 12 weeks for an essential operation."

That's six full months, which is about on par with the wait times we've found to be the norm in Canada and Great Britain, both places that love to tout the "efficiency" of their socialized health care systems.

This is the future of medicine in America if we allow it to be imposed upon us, and we're going to pay upwards of 1 trillion dollars for the pleasure of losing control over our health care decisions.

Still think it's going to be a worthwhile bargain?

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