Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More nationally-broadcast child abuse

A bunch of innocent brainwashed children from a Georgia indoctrination center school called the "Ron Clark Academy". They're busily singing the praises of the Messiah and his proposals on CNN, instead of being where they should be - back at school learning skills to help them become successful in life, instead of having their teachers and administrators waste precious instruction time by cynically using their pupils as a leftist propaganda tool in this bizarre manner.

"My tummy's turning"

So was ours - after watching the blatant exploitation of these children.

"Capricious coverage is killing me"

We will give $100 to the first one of those kids that can define the word "capricious". Who wrote this dreck, anyway? Bill Ayers?

The frequency with which these types of videos are appearing is truly disturbing. Anyone else still willing to argue that the deification of President Obama (especially to children who don't know any better) isn't taking place?

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Bike Bubba said...

Looks like Mr. Clark, still living, has the same humility as Dear Leader. At the very least, this disgusting spectacle is occurring at a private school with tuition of up to $1500/month, not a government school.