Sunday, October 04, 2009

One of Florida's many swamps is getting drained in a surgical manner

John Patten of VeniceFlorida!.com has published Part 2 of his eye-opening expose about that city's firing of Police Officer Michael Frassetti by Police Chief Julie Williams and City Manager Bob Anderson for apparently nothing more than Frassetti's arresting of someone (while responding to a request for a traffic stop radioed in by the chief herself, no less) who was "connected" by family to a lieutenant in that department.

We especially enjoyed the part where the suspect, Joshua Rose, had the charges against him dropped because, as an Assistant State's Attorney's memo feebly attempts to claim,

"When preparing for trial, the State learned of the fact that the arresting officer [Frassetti] in this case is not employed by the Venice Police Department any longer. After contacting VPD it was also learned that there was no forwarding information for the arresting officer."

Frassetti has resided at the same address all along and is still there to this day, according to Patten. "No forwarding information", indeed.

Patten then goes on to state that he tried to show this very memo to Chief Williams personally in order to get an explanation, but that "she didn't want to look at it".

How professional of her.

There's quite a pile of evidence, both written and on video, to back up Patten's assertions. His article is definitely a worthwhile read and we are eagerly looking forward to Part 3, in which he is going to total up exactly how much this farce is going to cost Florida's peasants.

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