Sunday, October 11, 2009

Socialized medicine can be quite painful. Just ask this chap

British subject Torron Eeles is madder than a wet hen at his country's completely out-of-control National Health Service, and we certainly don't blame him one bit.

You see, the poor guy broke his left humerus in a fall ten months ago, and yet he still hasn't undergone the surgery required to allow it to heal correctly. It's actually been so long since the injury that Eeles's arm has set in a truly grotesque manner (check the story for a picture), leaving him unable to use it for even the simplest tasks.

Why has Eeles still not gone under the knife? Well, because the vaunted NHS has canceled his operation four times to date, that's why. As nutty as it may sound, at least one surgery was nixed, the NHS spokesman quoted in the story freely admits, solely due to "concerns over his [Eeles's] smoking".

That's sadly all part of the master plan. When a government gives itself monopoly authority to run programs such as the aforementioned nationalized health care scheme, it gets to make all the rules. The bureaucrats who run things can then begin to tell the peasantry what to do with their formerly free lives, as they now control all of the resources.

As a result of this kind of power grab (and which is apparently exactly what is happening to the unfortunate Mr. Eeles), should one happen to participate in an activity that Big Brother frowns upon, the treatment spigot can be arbitrarily cut off at any time and the nail-sticking-up peasant can just go pound sand and suffer, at least until he or she comes around and begins exhibiting the desired behavioral modification. This is social engineering at its finest. Stalin and Mao would be so proud.

Anyone still want this kind of health "care" to be imposed upon us here in America?

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