Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You go, girls!

The number of lawful firearm purchases by women for the purpose of self-protection has been rising significantly in recent months, even in such traditional anti-gun strongholds as the Chicago, Illinois metro area (not in the city proper, of course, as both the purchase and possession of a handgun in that toddlin' town have been unconstitutionally banned for decades. That irritating state of affairs will hopefully soon be relegated to history by the U.S. Supreme Court by the conclusion of this year's term):

"At Illinois Gun Works [in Elmwood Park], the owners say they've seen a 40 percent increase recently in the numbers of women looking to take classes, and that the number of women coming in to purchase guns is rising, too."

Cathy Jacobs, a Phoenix, Arizona resident, coincidentally explains in a letter to the editor in today's Arizona Republic just why she's chosen to become one of these enlightened women:

"I have a question for those who believe law-abiding citizens who carry concealed weapons almost anywhere must be paranoid and live in fear.

Over the past 20 years, we've seen gun-carrying criminals kill people in more and more settings: churches, schools, department-store parking lots, abortion clinics, restaurants, homeowners associations . . . the list goes on and on.

The gun-grabbers will complain, "Well, we're just not safe anywhere these days! Look at all the places people are getting killed with guns!"

If you're willing to admit that no place is safe from lawbreaking, gun-carrying criminals, then why would you call us law-abiding, gun-carrying citizens paranoid and fearful for lawfully carrying our guns in those same exact places?"

Well stated, Ms. Jacobs.

It's very heartening to see ever-increasing numbers of intelligent, law-abiding females choosing to educate and train themselves to take on the responsibility for their own self-protection, instead of simply relying on official aid that may or may not ever show up when needed.

These women have come a long way, baby, and it's certainly for the better.

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