Friday, November 06, 2009

Maybe it's time you started, then

"As a matter of practice, we do not carry weapons. This is our home"

Lieutenant General Robert Cone, commanding officer of Fort Hood, Texas, where one crazed jihadist (forget that asinine "not jumping to conclusions" statement from our useless President. This was a terrorist attack, plain and simple) managed to murder 13 people and wound 30 or so others all by himself two days ago, mostly because pathetic PC military commanders such as Cone simply refuse to allow trained professional soldiers to carry firearms on base for the defense of themselves and others. The personnel there were slaughtered like sheep until a single female civilian police officer showed up (far too late, of course, to protect the dead and injured warriors) and finally stopped the killer's spree.

Tam's absolutely right - soldiers in a war without borders are in danger no matter where they happen to be, and they should be prepared to fight at all times whether they're in Bert's Restaurant, on the front lines in Afghanistan or "safely" on a military installation.


Anonymous said...

Please don't debase the language, this was not a terrorist attack. It was an act of war against professional soldiers. I have no problem with sending this guy before a military tribunal and having him shot as a spy or a saboteur. Hell if you listen to our government shooting up a wedding party is an act of war, if it is ragheads getting married. I would call that terrorism.

Anonymous said...

I like a lot of what you post, but your rants against the president are out of line. He was trying to defuse attacks against other Muslims in the military who didn't and won't shoot any other of our soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Not a terrorist attack? Do you really think that our soldiers are NOT wondering if they can trust the "Muslim" soldier next to them? I would!

Bike Bubba said...

When a guy calls himself "Palestianian" and shouts "Allah Ackbar" before opening fire, I think it's safe to suggest that it's an Islamic terrorist attack, anon. And if Muslim soldiers want to be trusted, they need to distance themselves from this kind of thing.

And yes, it is a failure on the President's part--the current one and the past one, too--for failing to note honestly what these things are.

And if, say, Wisconsin Synod Lutherans start doing the same thing, I'll yes, suggest that honorable soldiers of that persuasion do the same.