Monday, January 11, 2010

"Borderline Bigots"

Vice magazine has a terrific online photo essay that documents the bald-faced hypocrisy of Mexico when it comes to immigration.

It seems that the neighbors to our immediate south, who just love to complain mightily about the U.S.'s quite reasonable policy of enforcing its sovereign borders, are themselves guilty of treating illegal migrants from Central America caught crossing their own southern border (while just "passing through" to the U.S., to boot) in a brutal, inhumane manner. As a matter of fact, the treatment meted out by the Mexican "authorities" to people from countries such as Honduras, Ecuador and Guatemala who are found to be there illegally is far worse than what any undocumented Mexican immigrant caught in America ever receives:

"Each year hundreds of thousands of optimistic South and Central Americans travel north to see whether things might be less crappy for them in the United States. The problem is they have to cross Mexico to get there. And Mexico is riddled with inhospitable local authorities and migrants who are as eager as they are possessive of the American passage."

The pictures are quite well done and are worth viewing, particularly the first one, which documents the ironic fact that Mexico has a southern border fence of its own, even as they decry the one our country is erecting.

We remind everyone that it remains a felony to be in Mexico illegally as well.

Now, who has the worse record on immigration again?

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Bike Bubba said...

I still think we have the worse record for not enforcing our immigration laws adequately--yes, they're hypocrites, but we're insane.