Monday, January 18, 2010

Notice how desperate the liberals are getting

Apparently any means would be justified, even straight up election fraud,  if the result ensured that Democrat Martha Coakley would win tomorrow's special Senate election in Massachusetts, according to liberal radio talk-show host Ed Schultz:

And the American peasantry is constantly lectured by our betters in the mainstream press that a major problem in our society is right-wing "hate radio"?

Well, we've certainly never heard the likes of Limbaugh or Hannity on their programs advocate committing serious, society-destroying felonies in order to allow their cohorts to remain in power, especially in such a blatant manner.

Schultz should be immediately censured by his bosses for even suggesting that voting multiple times in an election can ever be somehow excused. 

He works for MSDNCNBC, however, so his reprehensible comment will not doubt be celebrated, not punished.

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