Friday, January 22, 2010

One less tweaker on the streets

There is yet more positive news concerning the saga of our vehicle burglary case.

We were contacted by Detective Watson of the Scottsdale Police Department the other week.  He was seeking to find out if any items other than our laptop had been in the computer bag stolen from our car, as he had identified a "person of interest" and wished to obtain a search warrant for the man's residence based on the evidence in our particular case.  We gave Watson a specific list of what else had been present in the bag.

Detective Watson then served the warrant and found evidence of a serial vehicle burglar, including upwards of thirty empty computer bags as well as other items (such as women's clothing) that obviously didn't belong to him.  The suspect, who seems to be a methamphetamine addict, apparently admitted to breaking into cars all over Scottsdale.

That's one particular low-level (but nonetheless very annoying) criminal who won't be stealing from our community for a good while.

Fantastic work, Detective.  Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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