Sunday, January 31, 2010

The poster boy for unprofessional police commanders is still at it

Lt. Angelo Andriani, the disgraced Hoboken, New Jersey Police Department SWAT commander who is currently serving a two-year paid suspension from his duties (where do we sign up for that kind of severe sanction?) as "punishment" for the wild, unprofessional and unsafe antics he and his team were involved in while on an official out-of-town trip awhile back, is now back in the news (and not in a good way, shockingly enough):

"According to a Tampa police log, two TIA police officers responded to a disturbance call at 9:15 a.m. when Andriani, 56, who was in line for a flight to New Jersey, became irate when airline flight crew members were permitted to pass him in line at a Transportation Security Administration  checkpoint. He took pictures of TSA agents' badges, police said. 

Ann Davis, TSA spokeswoman, said the passenger yelled at TSA officers, complained about the screening process, displayed a badge and said he was a police officer."

Maybe that guy shouldn't ever leave that state, seeing as how he just can't seem to behave himself when he travels.

Let us get this straight - he's still allowed to carry a badge (and presumably a service weapon) while on his officially imposed (but well-compensated) vacation from his job?  That doesn't sound like much of a suspension to us.

"It has been previously reported that Andriani is paid $11,000 a month while on suspension. Andriani’s suspension is the longest in the history of the Hoboken Police Department."


Here's how we summed up the reason for his already occupying the well-paid time-out chair:

2.) The Hoboken, New Jersey SWAT team that was caught on video drinking and partying in official gear, and allowing Hooters waitresses to handle their duty weapons in an unsafe manner, has been officially disbanded, and their fearless leader, Lt. Angelo Andriani, has been placed on desk duty, at least until the Federal lawsuit filed against the city by five Hispanic officers accusing him of racism runs its course. He sounds like a charming fellow, doesn't he?

We wonder to whom Andriani is related in the local government there, or how many dirty pictures he possesses of his employers.  Those two scenarios are the only reasons we can think of to explain why he currently still has a job as a cop.

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