Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 28

Today's reason is a twofer:

1.  So that if I am assaulted outside of a suburban drugstore by four baseball bat-wielding thugs, just like this innocent Goodyear, Arizona man was last Tuesday evening in the town of Buckeye, I will also be able to successfully defend myself from such a brutal attack by criminals with the advantages of superior numbers as well as improvised weapons :

"The victim, a concealed-weapons permit holder, shot one of the suspects, wounding him in the arm or shoulder, [Buckeye Police Lt. Jared] Griffith said."

The genius muggers happened to single out a motorcyclist, who was wearing padded riding gear and a helmet, to be the target of their attempted little pinata party.  Not too bright, are they?

All humor aside, the man's lawfully carried-and-used handgun was the only factor that served to even up the odds somewhat and allowed him to escape serious injury or worse. 

Cases such as this, which happen everywhere on a regular basis, only continue to prove (to the eternal consternation of the hysterical likes of the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center) that random violent crime can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any given moment.  Be ready and able to defend yourself and your loved ones at all times, as robberies, rapes and assaults occur everywhere, not just in areas traditionally viewed as crime-ridden.  This concept is even more important these days, as we now learn that

2.  The Phoenix, Arizona Police Department (the major city nearest to our home) plans to issue layoff notices to even more of its officers in response to the city's drastic budget cuts:

"Phoenix is already operating with nearly 383 vacant sworn-officer positions. After retirements and other attrition, the largest municipal police department in Arizona expects to have more than 425 vacancies by mid-year."  (Emphasis mine)

This sort of chronic under-staffing of law-enforcement agencies isn't limited to this area; metro departments all across the country find themselves in similar straits. 

Severe police shortages such as these will no doubt lead to reduced routine patrol coverage for neighborhoods and increased wait times for victimized residents waiting for a response to their emergency 911 calls. 

Please plan your lives accordingly.


Anonymous said...

The second victory this week for Arizona gun owners! First the home invader gets a taste of shotgun, and now this. I wish these stories would keep coming!

Bike Bubba said...

I love stories like this with a happy ending!