Friday, February 05, 2010


Anyone else catch the gaffe that our Dear Leader made (twice!) when he misread his security blanket teleprompter at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day?

We understand that people who speak publicly many times a day often make minor mistakes, and don't intend to castigate President Obama over this one; we only mention it because we are positive that had former President Bush said this when he was President we would immediately have been subjected to the elite mainstream media liberals who would take the opportunity to once again pontificate about how "this once again proves how dumb and uneducated Chimpy McHitler really is".  Because Obama's their shining hero, though, we get dead silence from those very same media types about his unfortunate boo-boos.

"Corpse-man".  Heh.  You'd think he would have caught his error after saying it out loud the first time.


Anonymous said...

You might also note that Corpsman "Christian" Brossard became "Christopher" later on in the story. At least get the poor man's name right.

Anonymous said...

He ain't too bright fo' a Harvard boy...