Monday, February 08, 2010

Frightening, not funny

The Super Bowl commercial for Audi, that is:

This is a picture-perfect portrayal of Al Gore's dream society (one that dear ol' Al himself wouldn't have to endure, of course, seeing as how he's one of the "elites").

This sort of governmental overreach into every aspect of the lives of the peasants is already pretty much reality in today's England:

"The UK's soft-crime initiative is now a multimillion-pound industry: parking fines levied last year totalled £330m, with another £100m from speed cameras. These numbers are expected to grow, along with fines for a burgeoning range of offences for everything from overloading wheelie bins to feeding the ducks. Some 200,000 spot fines for these garnered £12m last year...
...Watching you, watching me

Millions of aggrieved motorists will tell you that parking wardens have no interest in reasonable excuses, such as "I only stopped for two minutes to look at a map" or "The yellow lines were obscured by snow." Appeal away – but in the meantime drivers often risk seeing the fine double after two weeks. Wardens in Islington, north London, recently ticketed a woman who left her scooter at the scene of a crash. Another familiar complaint is the use of anti-crime CCTV – supposedly meant to catch crooks stealing cars, and record street muggings – being used to dole out yet more tickets. In total, drivers paid out £330m in parking penalties last year. Another £100m was raised in speed-trap fines.

Putting out the rubbish
Some local authorities are so strict on wheelie-bin etiquette that even the slightest shred of black bin-bag poking out of the top of the bin can lead to a fine being issued. A family in Copeland, Cumbria, were given a £210 penalty when it was discovered – horror of horrors – that their bin was over-filled by four inches. Leicester City Council recently began fining residents £100 if their wheelie bins were put out on the wrong day.

We all know that pubs, caf├ęs, offices – and any other public place with a roof over it – are no-go areas for smokers. But surely you can puff away in your own home or car? Aberystwyth Town Council handed out a £30 fine to a decorator for smoking in his van, arguing that the vehicle represented his workplace.

You might think this one would come with a sliding scale, with fines relevant to how much mess you leave behind. How much, then, for a dropped ice-lolly stick? Schoolgirl Sorrell Walsh, 16 at the time, was told to pay £75 in an on-the-spot fine in 2006 after leaving one on a wall. Flicking a dab of ash out of a car window and dropping a slice of tomato out of a sandwich have led to fines elsewhere. Police officers issue around 200,000 on-the-spot fines each year, roughly amounting to £12m.

Feeding the ducks
The traditional fun of kids throwing bread for the birds in the park is fraught with financial danger in the West Midlands. Sandwell Council issued a £75 penalty to Vanessa Kelly in November last year for feeding geese "outside designated feeding areas". Her son, Harry, had the last laugh: At 17 months, he's too young to be prosecuted and can fatten up the birds to his heart's content.

On your bike
If police officers in Yorkshire manage to spot unwary cyclists riding without lights at night, they will issue them with a £30 fine. In London, around 100 people a month are fined for riding their bicycles on the pavement."

and is well on its way to becoming solidly entrenched in this country as well, unless we as a nation wake up and prevent it from happening.

Audi may have unintentionally done the U.S. a huge favor by airing this ad.  Once regular people see exactly what liberal Democrats and the eco-Nazis have in mind for us, they just may be nauseated enough to change their minds about blindly going "green".

UPDATE:  Edited to add additional content quoted from the Independent article.


Anonymous said...

When I saw that ad I was horrified; even as a joke, I recognized the implications being made.

Bike Bubba said...

And ironically and sadly, German automaker Audi did not clue in to the fact that the "Gruene Politzei" (Green Police in the original German) were a unit tasked with rounding up Jews for the concentration camps.

Yup, Algore's dream world, sad to say. He keeps his houseboat, you and I get to be the lampshade.

Ken Hood said...

I agree with you... the Progressives have done us all a favor by tipping their hand (again) a bit early. I say... keep this extreme stuff a comin' and let everyone see the real agenda.

Progressives have been emboldened since Obama took office. Radicals just don't get it- America fears this kind of extremism.

Freedom loving people have seen this future for a long time, and George Orwell's warnings have been taken seriously by some of us. Maybe it takes a Super Bowl ad to wake up a few more of us.