Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Nanny-state ripoff artist

An unemployed single mother of six with a deadbeat lawyer ex-husband in London, England apparently felt that her three bedroom public housing unit just wasn't big (or swanky) enough to suit her and the products of her fertile womb, so instead of going through the official process of applying for a bigger dwelling with the local council (the minor-league dictators that hold sway over just about every aspect of the subjects' lives in Britain) she just went ahead and rented a private house on her own - for $130,000 (U.S.) a year.  Her new next-door neighbor?  Paul McCartney. 

Incredibly, the Westminster council (with funds confiscated from taxpayers, of course) is actually footing the entire bill for her and her brood to live in this mansion:

"The four-storey house in Maida Vale has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a double living room, large fitted kitchen-diner with French doors on to the landscaped garden and a state-of-the art buzzer entry system.
Astonishingly, it is understood Miss Marjam found the house on the internet through a private letting agency, rather than waiting for Westminster council to give her a vacant property on their books."

That's not the only money this professional leech sucks from the few hard-working taxpayers still left over there:

"She also receives an estimated £15,000 [$23,000] a year in other payouts, such as child benefit, to help look after her children, aged from five months to 14."

Even though she is putatively "destitute" enough to warrant all of these generous benefits, she nonetheless manages to somehow scrape up the money for the luxury items she wishes to purchase in order to complete her new home:

"She does, however, have two large flat-screen televisions and several leather sofas, plus a large amount of children's toys scattered over the wooden floorboards. 

During the week, vans from Argos and other home stores dropped off large purchases."

Insanity.  We imagine that she is also planning to add satellite television and maid service to her cushy new digs as well.

A direct quote right from the lady in question nicely sums up the mentality of the socialist welfare state that England has become:

"Miss Marjam said: 'I moved here at the beginning of the month as I'm entitled to a five-bedroom house.'"  (emphasis mine)

You're not entitled to a darn thing, ma'am, and it's about time someone over there cut you off from the public teat in recognition of that fact.

America is unfortunately headed right down the road to this kind of entitlement mentality as well, should we as a nation be dumb enough to acquiesce and adopt President Obama's many Britain-copycat legislative proposals.

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