Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guns for all the elites, but not for you

Can anyone explain just what the U.S. Department of Education, of all agencies, could possibly need with 27 tacticaled-up Remington shotguns (with stylishly short 14" barrels that are verboten to civilians who don't jump through the many, many regulatory hoops to get one for themselves, assuming their state "allows" them to own such weaponry in the first place)?

It never fails to amaze us how the government, which as an institution is pretty much completely against the lawful carry of firearms by the citizens it purports to serve, manages to think it's perfectly OK to redundantly equip seemingly every single department  under its control with its own armed force of "police".

(Boortz link)


Ken Hood said...

Reever- you rule. Thanks for doing the huge amount of reading that you must do in order to find this stuff.


Douglas Hester said...

It's my pleasure ;)