Saturday, March 06, 2010

An interesting conversation

Yesterday we called the Washington office of Harry Mitchell (D-AZ), who represents our district in Congress.  We informed the pleasant lady who answered the telephone that, while we were generally quite happy with the work of our Congressman, if he were to (again!) vote for the passage of President Obama's health-care Ponzi scheme "reform" bill we would then be highly motivated to devote large amounts of time, effort and money towards ensuring that this would be his last term in office.

The lady was then not so pleasant.

No matter - Representative Mitchell and his staff work for us, and it's healthy to remind them of that fact from time to time.

Have you called your representative yet?

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Anonymous said...

Is this for real?

Arizona school district sues taxpayers to stop questions

PHOENIX -- A handful of taxpayers in a small community north of Wickenburg, Arizona are being targeted by the local school district in a lawsuit that asks a judge to declare they have no right to request public records, sue the district, or complain to outside agencies.

The Congress Elementary School District claims that past efforts by these residents to obtain documents such as minutes of board meetings and spending reports amount to harassment that should not have to be tolerated.

But Jean Warren, one of the four defendants named in the lawsuit filed January 28, 2010, said the complaint is an illegal attempt to silence citizens who have questioned the district’s policies and spending practices.“The whole thing is based on trying to shut us down so that nobody has any rights,” Warren said.“Just because you live in a small area does not mean you don’t have rights. Everything I believe about the Constitution and what it means to be a citizen of the USA is being shot down.”