Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 30

So that if I happen to be assaulted while exercising in a state park, I won't have to resort to jumping off a cliff in order to escape my attacker, like the poor woman in Malibu (!), California had to do the other day to get away from the thug who was trying to rape her, and who callously ended up stealing her car after he didn't get what he wanted:

"She told deputies she had finished a run at about noon at Point Dume State Beach and was standing at the edge of a cliff when she was grabbed from behind. She says she and the man struggled for several minutes before she was able to break away. That's when the woman ran and jumped off the cliff.

Deputies say the suspect then escaped in the woman's Toyota Land Cruiser."

Naturally, this incident happened in the "gun-free" paradise that is California (and in a tony, supposedly "safe" place to boot), where law-abiding citizens who aren't rich, famous or connected are pretty much rendered defenseless by their overseers, and the only people who end up carrying firearms in public are the criminals and thugs who don't obey any of society's laws, much less the ones dealing with guns.

That's why we will never reside there.

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