Monday, June 28, 2010

Good afternoon, Mr. President

Well, maybe not, but in any event someone in the West Wing seems to have developed a keen interest in the founder of this blog. 

We're truly honored to be so targeted, as this search almost certainly means that at some level, however minor, we're irritating the snot out of the Obama administration

You're certainly free to stick around for awhile, whoever you are.  Don't be afraid to weigh in with your opinions - we won't bite.


Warthog said...

LOL congrats. I am sure it is something beneign though. An aide who dated a Douglas Hester in high school.

I am sure you are not the only one. Sorry if I am hurting the ego, lmao.

We are both definitely on a list.

Ken Hood said...

This is a thin skinned group to be sure. We went from the last administration with a "who cares what you think" attitude to this one with the petulant hurt feelings of a little child. They spend way too much time worrying about what folks think about them... "Fox News" and "Glenn Beck" is 'nuff said to prove the point.