Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hasn't there been enough spending already?

Dear Leader is now begging for 50 billion more dollars in "emergency" spending on top of his already breathtakingly profligate (as well as record-setting) wallet-opening that's now left our national debt at 13 trillion dollars or so, and increasing at an average rate of over 4 billion dollars every single day (your part is approximately $42,300, by the way.  Better start saving your loose change to pay the Chinese when they come to collect what's owed them). 

What the heck, right?  It's all just Monopoly money at this point anyway.  

"[President Obama said] the money is needed to avoid "massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters"

Since when did it become the Federal government's responsibility to fund state and local government positions regardless of whether or not any or all of those bureaucracies had been fiscally responsible?  We must have been absent from school the day that (nonexistent) part of the Constitution was taught.

Fortunately for the average American peasant, even members of the President's own party are starting to see the folly of spending ourselves into oblivion as well as starting to get nervous about their increasingly precarious job status, and they are finally beginning to resist Obama's pleas to leave the money spigot wide open:

"'I think there is spending fatigue,' House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) said recently. 'It's tough in both houses to get votes.'" 

Hoyer knows what we do - that each vote for yet more spending without any corresponding cuts elsewhere in the bloated budget means there'll be plenty of votes in November, just not for Democrat candidates.

We're starting to think that no amount of money is ever going to be enough for the President, and that he's bound and determined to spend us into bankruptcy so that he'll be "reluctantly forced" to remake our society in one that more reflects his ideology.  This is a man, you'll recall, who considered his brief stint of actually producing something useful by working at a private for-profit company as being a "spy behind enemy lines" so those core beliefs, despite his careful dancing around the substance of it, in fact can safely and accurately be labeled as Socialist.

November simply can't get here fast enough for us.  This sham of a leader has to be reined in before he completely destroys what's left of our economy.

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